Paradox Productions delivers promotional video’s for businesses, festivals and NGO’s. We can help with creating the perfect video from concept to final product or collaborate with brand agencies or ad companies to give the optimum exposure and branding to your festival, product or cause.


Paradox Productions offers animations and graphics for businesses as well as educational & cultural institutes. We have a network of involved freelancers ranging from voice over actors and animators, to graphic designers and editors to create an animation that will help you get your message across in a simple, entertaining and effective way.


Paradox Productions carries it’s name because the paradox fascinates. A paradox is a provocative mind game.  At first two contradictions are put up against each other and give the impression that they can’t exist simultaneously. But yet they do: thus creating an endless riddle. It tantalises.
Paradoxes grab the attention. Paradoxes are all around us and it would be a pleasure to create a paradox that contains your message to provoke people to remember your brand and message.

Every brand, company, foundation and person is filled with paradoxes. Let’s explore and find out which one fits you.Master yin yang


logo onlineParadox Productions creates smart edits and video’s for brands, businesses and foundations. We creates immersive experiences within the confines of your brand or product. By challenging people to reflect and emote I will help to create a deeper connection and appreciation between your brand and your audience.

In these times of change with a vastly shifting media landscape Paradox Productions stays up to date on all the opportunities, dynamics and developments within the media industry and uses it’s knowledge to create campaigns & video’s that feel current and exploit the proper medium to maximise the effect of your message.

Paradox Productions helps you to leave a lasting impression and to engage your audience in a playful and creative manner without resorting to talking down to them with empty and simplistic slogans or screaming at them with compulsory flashy adds.


2841_1154774148558_1203811491_406560_4286141_nMartijn is an Amsterdam based Filmmaker who specialises in editing and direction and is the founder of Paradox Productions.

Paradox Productions was founded to exploit Martijns creative endeavours. He has worked with numerous clients (documentary makers, festivals, brands and government organisations) and has had to fortune to explore all the different aspects of media productions; from conceptual down to postproduction.

Martijn has a masters in media & culture and has had the pleasure of following several courses in camera acting, screenwriting, theatre, editing and SFX.

Martijn also does community work and is politically active. Ideology drives him to create his own modules,  documentaries, music video’s and shorts.



Meanwhile in another part of town…


Currently working on Taxi Stories. The feature film I’m working on with director Doris Yeung.  Now at the Sound studio with Peter and Doris.

Shooting in Jakarta

Had  the best experience shooting in Jakarta. The team was professional, efficient and fun. The cast created magic on screen and Director Doris Yeung was making it all come together!

Online News

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 16.02.58 (2)

An interesting article from the Atlantic about the rivaling momentum ‘parodying’ media are gaining over regular ‘serious’ media.

Read more about over here.

Inspiration from Buzzfeed

I am really loving this video from Buzzfeed. It combines information with great visuals with a dreamy soundtrack from Odesza. This video seems to be on the intersection of music video, infographics and dance. I bet we will start seeing a lot more video’s like this in the future because information is packaged in a very attractive and appealing way.


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Paradox Productions

Martijn van Veen

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