One Billion Rising Dance Video 2014

Busy days! One Billion Rising is at it’s peak. I’m managing the campaign and overseeing the separate media elements (dance video, campaign video). For the dance event on the 14th of February we created a unique choreography. In this video choreographer Sophia Maria busts out the moves so everyone can start practicing to join us on the 14th!

Paradox Products: Week Without Violence

For The domestic violence hotline Amsterdam (SHGA), Utrecht (Moviera) and Zwolle (Kadera) I created a short doc about a honour related violence issue. It’s snippets of the courageous story from Elsam (his shelter name) who shares a difficult history of struggle with homosexuality and the problems with his family and a tradiation of fixed marriage. It’s in Dutch. Enjoy!


For the Gemeente Amstelveen I have created a series of 4 educational shorts for the NME (environmental educational program). With this program they try to learn children the importance of the environment, connection with nature and the joy of being outdoors. It was a great project which I have created with Neeltje Jobse (producer, interviews). I have created the visuals and did the complete production (Writing, Filming, editing, SFX)We will make one last video for them coming October.

Foraging into Writing


Next to my video editing and VFX work for Paradox Productions recently the written word has started to entice me. And so I’ve decided to write about the subjectmatters I care about using film analogies. I chose because it gives me the opportunity to reflect on Dutchness and our cultural and societal norms. If you like my columns you are welcome to like the Dutchreview Website or Facebookpage.
You can read my columns over here.