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Paradox Productions

Martijn van Veen


Tel: +316 24 62 53 54



Paradox Productions creates videos and montages for NGO’s and foundations and helps distill their potentially complex ideas or concepts into personal and intimate films.

Paradox Productions helps you to engage your audience in a visually appealing, playful and creative manner.

We emphasise creativity, fast production, flexibility & customer service.


Master yin yangThe paradox fascinates, a provocative mind game.

Two contradictions are put in direct contrast with each other and give the impression that they can’t exist simultaneously. But yet they do: thus creating an endless riddle. It pulls you in.

I have always been fascinated by paradoxes and their irony revealing the limitations to mankind’s understanding and logic. Film at its best can also achieve this. It makes you experience these complex and contradictory worlds but in an as simple and engaging way as possible.

Every company, NGO and person is filled with paradoxes.

Let’s explore and find out which one you can enchant your audience with.


Paradox Productions was founded to feature Martijn’s creative endeavours.
He has worked with numerous clients, commercial as well as governmental, and has had to fortune to explore all the different aspects of media productions; from conceptual all the way down to postproduction.

Martijn sets himself apart with his fast, instinctive and rhythmic editing skills, a keen eye and dedication with his camera and camjo work, is a creative and enthusiastic team player and will not rest before his client is satisfied with the final product.

Martijn has a Masters in Media & Culture from the University of Amsterdam and has had the pleasure of following several courses in camerawork, screenwriting, editing and SFX.