Pride Amsterdam

Aftermovie Pride Amsterdam Week

Normally I don’t make aftermovies, but when I heard the song that Pride Amsterdam managed to get for the aftermovie of this year, I couldn’t refuse. the song is from Wrabel feat Duncan Laurence and is called Backed to Back. It perfectly acknowledges the tensions that arise within the LGBTQ+ communities, but how dialogue is necessary to keep try to understand and see each other to further each others emancipation.

This Aftermovie I have created with help of colleague André Kloer, who has filmed a few of the events, Drag artist and editor Indie Nile, who has created the first montage. I myself have done the planning, most of the filming, final montage and direction.

Pride Amsterdam Ambassadeur Thema videos

Aside from the Meet the Ambassador videos that i have created June 2021, I also had the opportunity to talk to the ambassadors about a variety of other issues and themes. By now four of the six videos have been shared. These videos have been made for the social media of Pride Amsterdan and were shown on TV channels  OUTtv and SALTO, the latter being transformed into PrideTV during Pride week.

Camera and sound for the videos were provided by amazing incubator colleague Joao MB Costa from Supapixel. I myself provided the production, planning, direction, interview and montage.

Pride Amsterdam Reportages

Even though the corona pandemic has made a lot of activities and events impossible, Pride Amsterdam still wanted to celebrate their 25 year existence. They celebrated their anniversary by curating a photo exposition composed of the best and most beautiful photos shot in Pride Amsterdams 25 years of existence. To select the photos the organization has asked all their Pride ambassadors, past and present to come together and make a final selection. The best photos have been put up in the Vondelpark and were unveiled by the deputy mayor of Amsterdam.

In collaboration with the Dutch Royal Coin and the knowledge center for immaterial heritage Pride Amsterdam has also created a special Pride coin. The first ceremonial coin was created by none other than Dutch comedian and TV legend André van Duin.

The organization has asked me to film these events and turn them into reportages.

Pride Amsterdam Promo Pride Hotel

For the Pride Amsterdam week of 2021 the organization has chosen to collaborate with the Student Hotel in Amsterdam East and so during Pride week The Student Hotel was turned into the Pride Hotel. This meant that the Pride Hotel became a hub for all different pride events and activities during Pride week. There were meet ups, workshops, screenings, drinks and talks organized by different groups and communities. The Parool theatre next to the hotel also housed live recordings of the shows produced for PrideTV on Salto and OUTtv.

The organization has asked me to film activities during the first opening weekend of the Pride Hotel and to make a promo to let people know about all the fun things that were happening at the Pride Hotel during the following week.

Pride Amsterdam ‘Meet the Ambassadors’ Videos

Originally the Ambassador videos created in 2021 were supposed to be produced in 2020. But the corona pandemic shut most productions down and thus Pride Amsterdam also chose to continue to cancel most activities and keep their Pride Week in 2020 small. Then in April 2021 I received the question to finish the videos that we wanted to create in 2020. Of course I couldn’t let this opportunity to interview the ambassadors of this year about their LGBTQ+ activism, life and memories go by with this familiar and great organization. The videos were created for the social media outlets of Pride Amsterdam and also were broadcasted on SALTO and OUTtv.

Camera and sound work for these videos were provided bij amazing colleague Joao MB Costa from Supapixel. I did the production, planning, direction, interview and montage for these videos.

NH Nieuws / AT5

For NH News and AT5 I have worked as a camera journalist and online editor. Below you can see a selection of the reportages I have made for them.