NH News Amsterdam newsroom fuses with AT5 newsroom

How that I have been working as a camera journalist at NH News for 9 months, it’s finally time. The Amsterdam department of NH news is going to officially join forces with AT5. It seemed an unavoidable moment, but after months of puzzling of the head editors now the steps have been made to fuse the news editorial staff.

For me this means that I will get a larger variation of shifts. No longer will I solely focus on my own reportages, filming and editing them, but I will also be taking on the occasional online news shifts, daynews shifts to capture the news of the day and dossier days to work out and research specifically assigned themes.

For all of those involved the fusion will take some getting used to, especially since earlier attempts have not always gone as smoothly. But thusfar the energy is up and it looks like the different teams are starting to get used to each other. I do have full confidence that this will turn into a proper permanent collaboration between these two vital and necessary Amsterdam newsrooms covering the region.