Work activities Pride Amsterdam 2021

After a year of working for NH news and AT5 chasing the news as a camera journalist , I received the opportunity to finish the freelance assignments that were shut down due to the Corona pandemic. Therefore I have chosen to finish the job on the Meet the Ambassador videos for Pride Amsterdam 2021 and to interview Pride ambassadors: Axe Leito, Tieneke Sumter, Boris Dittrich, Robin Lemont, Pete Wu and Sherry Jae Ebere. It’s been a treat getting to interview these interesting people and ask them about their experiences being part of the LGBTQ community, their memories, relationships and activism in the community. This however meant that I had to make the decision to stop my fulltime employment with NH news / At5 since there wouldn’t be enough time to do both. Even though it’s a shame that working both these jobs has not been possible, I have given early notice for my resignation and had an amicable departure from the news departement. I wish At5 and NH News all the best in their growing collaboration and hope they keep bringing important stories into the public sphere.