Guadalajara Interpride world Conference

Together with the Pride Amsterdam team I went to Guadalajara where the annual Interpride conference was organized. Pride Amsterdam went there to present their case to organize worldpride 2026 in Amsterdam.  There in a few days I created

  • Short Social media recaps of the 4 days events on Social Media

I also shot material for several reportages:

  • A Reportage on winning the WorldPride and the plans surrounding Worldpride
  • A reportage on the LGBTQ Refugee center in Gaudalajara
  • A reportage on Intepride and the worldconference

Rainbow Week Gooi & Vecht Inclusief

For the organisation of the local Rainbow week in the municipality of Gooi & Vecht I was asked to create promotional videos and an reportage aftermovie.

I create:

  • 3 short promotional videos of three days filled with one events to help promote activities further in the week
  • a longer reportage video to share all activities being organised and the importance of the Rainbow week for this region.

Nationale Theater Festival | Professionals

For the NTF, also known as the Dutch Theater Festival, I was asked to create an aftermovie of its two day program for theater professionals with anything ranging from workshops, lectures, discussions, a performance on the current state of theater & Q&A with well known theater makers.

The aftermovie is created to help with the promotion of the activities throughout the year and was delivered early to also .

A more compact version for the general audience and more elaborate version for funds were created.

I was also asked short term to do extra filmwork for the openingnight of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival a collaborative partner of the NTF. This was also a blast to help out with!

Pride Amsterdam

Pride Amsterdam is one of my longest lasting collaborative partners. I always thuroughly enjoy working with them and getting the chance to create content for their social media. This year I created:

  • Profile videos for all 2022 ambassadors
  • Ambassador theme videos
  • the general aftermovie to Pride Amsterdam 2022
  • Individual aftermovies to all 10 ambassadors
  • Promotional videos for the Arts & Culture  program, the Drag olympics event, Youth Pride ambassador election & the Pride Hotel Hub
  • Videos for Pride Amsterdams World Pride bid

Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Ziekenhuis | Centrum voor Vroegdiagnostiek

The Antoni van Leeuwenhoek hospital is a an renowned Dutch hospital specializing in cancer healthcare. They recently opened the center for early diagnostics which will help diagnose and treat various types of cancer early on. To help patients/clients prepare for their visit, we have created:

  • 4 Route videos for their app and social media
  • 1 compilation video that has been screened during the opening cerremony of the center
  • 1 reportage celebrating the opening of the center

Groen Links / Progressief Rhenen | Campagne videos

For the Green left / Progressive Rhenen political party I created campaign videos for the municipality elections consisting of:

  • 4 profile videos introducing the top 4 candidates of the party
  • 8 Standpoint videos explaining their positions on political issues relevant to Rhenen.