Update work activities Pride Amsterdam

My work activities for Pride Amsterdam this year have increased. This is also due to the sad news that many bigger evenements, amongst them the canal parade, were not allowed to be organised in relations to the fight against Covid-19. This does mean that I’ve been asked to take on a few extra productions for Pride’s several commissions and departments.

Amongst others I have been asked to create a few reportages for Pride Amsterdam. For instance I have attended the ambassador’s meeting where Pride Amsterdam from different editions gathered to together select the photo’s that will be exhibited for the 25 years of Pride Amsterdam exposition, but also have I created a reportage about the special edition Pride Amsterdam coin created in collaboration with the Dutch Heritage knowledge centre and Dutch Royal Coin and have I made an item about the opening of Pride Amsterdam 2021 where the Zero Flags Project was introduced to the world.

I was also asked to create a short promo for the Student Hotel, which during this Pride week was turned into the Pride Hotel and have I asked colleagues André Kloer and Indie Nile to help me out to film and edit this years Aftermovie for Pride Amsterdam 2021. Normally I do not take on After movie productions, but the song that Pride Amsterdam was able to provide for the Aftermovie was a very gorgeous and reflective song that spoke to me:Wrabel feat Duncan Laurence – Back to Back. So I couldn’t say no!

Even with all restrictions, this year has also been a great and beautiful edition of Pride that gave me the opportunity to speak to many beautiful and interesting people, to attend some cool and intimate events and to help realize some of Pride’s productions and help with its visibility. 

New Colleague joins our office space

My office at the Volkshotel is a nice peaceful place that I share with fellow filmmakers André Kloer and podcaster and culture vlogger Marco Dreijer. But a new colleague has claimed a desk: Florine Schaap. Florine is a theatre writer and funeral consultant. Amongst others she offers alternative ways to say goodbuye to loved ones through combing audiotours with hiking trails. This in contrast to the more conventional goodbyes in an auditorium

Since the space is big enough it gives a more fun, busy, water cooler conversational office space. So it definitely adds to the atmosphere. Here’s to hoping Florine will feel at home!


Work activities Pride Amsterdam 2021

After a year of working for NH news and AT5 chasing the news as a camera journalist , I received the opportunity to finish the freelance assignments that were shut down due to the Corona pandemic. Therefore I have chosen to finish the job on the Meet the Ambassador videos for Pride Amsterdam 2021 and to interview Pride ambassadors: Axe Leito, Tieneke Sumter, Boris Dittrich, Robin Lemont, Pete Wu and Sherry Jae Ebere. It’s been a treat getting to interview these interesting people and ask them about their experiences being part of the LGBTQ community, their memories, relationships and activism in the community. This however meant that I had to make the decision to stop my fulltime employment with NH news / At5 since there wouldn’t be enough time to do both. Even though it’s a shame that working both these jobs has not been possible, I have given early notice for my resignation and had an amicable departure from the news departement. I wish At5 and NH News all the best in their growing collaboration and hope they keep bringing important stories into the public sphere.

NH News Amsterdam newsroom fuses with AT5 newsroom

How that I have been working as a camera journalist at NH News for 9 months, it’s finally time. The Amsterdam department of NH news is going to officially join forces with AT5. It seemed an unavoidable moment, but after months of puzzling of the head editors now the steps have been made to fuse the news editorial staff.

For me this means that I will get a larger variation of shifts. No longer will I solely focus on my own reportages, filming and editing them, but I will also be taking on the occasional online news shifts, daynews shifts to capture the news of the day and dossier days to work out and research specifically assigned themes.

For all of those involved the fusion will take some getting used to, especially since earlier attempts have not always gone as smoothly. But thusfar the energy is up and it looks like the different teams are starting to get used to each other. I do have full confidence that this will turn into a proper permanent collaboration between these two vital and necessary Amsterdam newsrooms covering the region.


Uva Hybrid Learning Theater

Voor een reportage die ik voor NH Nieuws maakte over het studentenprotest over het volledige gebrek aan perspectief voor studenten op fysiek onderwijs en fysieke beleving van hun studententijd, ben ik ook in contact gekomen met de initiatiefnemers rondom het Hybrid Learning Theatre van de Universiteit van Amsterdam. In deze moeilijke periode van de Corona pandemie heeft de Business School faculteit er voor gekozen om één van hun klaslokalen volledig in te richten als studio waar docenten hun studenten, een deel vanuit mooie fauteuils in de zaal, een deel op zoom en een deel vanuit huis, les kunnen geven om een zo hoog mogelijk engagement te bewerkstelligen.

Tijdens interview met één van de hoogleraren die tevens één van de initiatiefnemers van het project raakte ik gefascineerd door deze Hybrid Learning Theatre als mogelijke voorbode voor educatie in de toekomst. Mijn interesse werd opgemerkt en zo kwam ik in contact met Brothers United die op dat moment een informatieve video zou gaan maken over het Hybrid Learning Theatre.

Voor Brothers United heb ik toen de redactiewerkzaamheden, montage en muziek selectie voor de informatieve video verzorgd. Het was een ontzettend leuke opdracht waarin ik een glimps mocht opvangen van de mogelijkheden en uitdagingen die komen kijken bij de toekomst van het digitale onderwijs.

Camera Journalist NH nieuws

De corona pandemie heeft veel freelancers hard geraakt, zo ook mij. De één na de andere klus werd afgezegd, kon niet meer plaatsvinden of werd verplaatst. Daarom heb ik besloten om in April te solliciteren voor werk van camjo bij NH Nieuws, die op dit moment een Amsterdam redactie aan het samenstellen is.

Bij NH Nieuws krijg ik de kans om diverse vormen van content te produceren, mijn journalistieke vaardigheden te versterken en te verkennen wat er speelt in mijn stad, een ontzettend leuke kans dus!